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WFC - Special Procedures - KDXR

NOTE: AT THIS TIME, (AS OF JANUARY 2022), OUR AIRCRAFT will be based at KHPN. We’re going to leave the KDXR procedures page up for now, as we travel here frequently for maintenance and the info may come in handy and things may change in the future. However, information regarding parking locations is not currently relevant. Procedures for departure, however, remain pertinent. Though of course, these also may change and as PIC you are responsible for reviewing and special airport procedures.

There are some special aspects of which we should be aware when operating at Danbury Municipal Airport. Refer to included diagrams below. (However note that this diagram may not be current.)

To and From Our Parking Locations

See the Our Locations Page for details on where we’re currently parking our aircraft at DXR.

For getting around from our parking areas…

  • Wright Aviation, (also referred to as Danbury Aviation.) When ready to taxi, you can call up ground and let them know you’re at Danbury Aviation, ready to taxi, (with the other usual information; where you’re going, VFR/IFR, ATIS, etc.). Or you can tell them your short of taxiway D2 (Delta 2). For arrival; just let them know you want to go to Danbury Aviation. If it’s not busy, they will likely tell you to stay on tower frequency. If you’re landing 35, you’ll end up right by D2 anyway. If landing 26, you’ll most likely end up going from a quick small off the runway taxiway to Alpha, then Delta to Delta 2 to the ramp.
  • Business Aircraft Center (BAC) is accessible via taxiways Echo or Foxtrot, off of taxiway Alpha.

Departure Issues - City Run Up Area

When departing runway 26, there is a special procedure at Danbury. It is not apparently noted in any official FAA publications. It is a local procedure designed to manage safety at a taxiway “hotspot.” The reasons for the procedure are to protect light aircraft while at the same time not blocking access to the Reliant ramp which will often have larger aircraft coming and going. As well, there are limits to how close you can get to the 26 hold short line without violating TERPS procedures to protect a Cat 2 runway.

The bottom line is this: If you need to do a run-up before departing Runway 26, you will be directed to the City Run Up Area, or Taxi area Romeo. A taxi clearance from D2 would probably be something like, “4508Xray taxi runway 26 via Delta to Alpha, cross 17/35 to Romeo.” Or similar. Unless you’ve told them you don’t need run up, that’s probably where you’re going. They may ask though. In any case, you enter this area at the first left turn on to taxiway Romeo off of Alpha when coming from the west. Make sure to cross the dashed line to get all the way off the Romeo Taxiway before doing your run-up. (That is, Romeo is a taxiway, not just a run-up pad. You need to get past the dashed line.) When done with final pre-takeoff procedures and ready to go, you call tower to let them know you’re ready and get instructions for your next steps. When told you’re cleared to the runway for departure or up to the hold short line, you must go back out through that same west side access to Romeo. Do not go out the path to the east closer to the end of the runway. While this may seem non-intuitive, it’s intentional to protect those areas.

KDXR Airport Diagram
KDXR Rwy 26 Run-up Area

Detailed Info from DXR Management

KDXR - Romeo Run up Pad Rules from DXR Mgmt

Runway 35 Approach

See image below… As always, you and only you are responsible for all aspects of your flight. Just be aware that Runway 35 approach goes right through a valley. (That’s Route 7 below.) This is not necessarily a big deal, but if you haven’t been here before, you should be very aware that if you’re coming from the southwest, you might be challenged to see this runway until you have visibility over the mountains. (Though maybe you’ll be able to see part of the Danbury Mall just north of the field.) If coming from the West or East and you get a normal 45 degree intercept into downwind pattern, then that will make things easier. But if, for example, you’re coming from the southwest and tower tells you something like “Report 2 mile Base,” you could get a bit confused. You can either use GPS Course To in order to light up the approach or a Track Offset, or whatever your favorite navigation tricks may be. Or simply tell tower not in sight and request full pattern. Your call. Just be aware of the sight picture. Maybe fly into the area with another pilot before going yourself.

KDXR Rwy 35 Approach

KDXR Beacon

The airport beacon is a mile south of the airport on the top of a hill. If it wasn’t, there’d be no way to see the beacon from southern approaches. If you’re using the beacon as a visual fix, (usually night as this beacon is scheduled to operate sunset to sunrise), just realize it’s not on the top of the tower as is often the case. It’s some distance from the airport, and coming from the south means you might see the beacon, but not the airport. (Depending on your altitude, even assuming good VFR.)

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