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Scheduling of Club aircraft is done online, by mobile device or by telephone. The booking rules are liberal, with no daily minimums. Aircraft may be taken for up to a week, or longer with prior approval. Hourly rates are very competitive and based on tach times. An example of a scheduling system screen is shown above.

Active club members can access the scheduling system using ScheduleMaster link.

Scheduling System Image

Reservation Etiquette

Whole Day Reservations
If planning on a short local flight or training session, do not make whole day reservations. Planning for morning or afternoon only helps allow other members opportunities to fly as well. 

No-Show Reservations
Make sure to cancel reservations as soon as you are aware you won’t be flying.

Excessive Winter Reservations
Follow reservation rules at all times, however, during times of the year without reservation limits, you should still avoid making large numbers of reservations knowing you will cancel many of them.

We have a generous and flexible reservation policy. This depends on members being considerate. By doing so we maximize availability of aircraft to our members.
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