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Submitting Records

Submit updates to your records (BFR, Club checkout, Log entries, Medical) to the Records Officer.

NOTE: Members need not send images of their TSA badges. When renewed, please send the Records Officer just your TSA badge expiration date via email.

Profile Info on Schedulemaster

Your BIRTH DATE, ADDRESS, and EMERGENCY CONTACT should be added in schedule master.
After logging into to SM, use the top menu to access “MY ACCOUNT” -> “ MY PROFILE” and update your information.

About Records Reports

The Records Officer creates monthly reports. Here is how to read them:

BLACK – 2 Month Reminder
BLUE – Awaiting Information From Pilot
RED – No Fly

  • The “BLUE” text indicates that the Club needs records from pilots who have completed their initial checkouts. To comply with provisions of the Club’s insurance policy, it is important that the Club retain this sign-off in its records. It demonstrates that we provided the appropriate training, and that the signed-off pilot understands the Club’s rules.
  • WFC: Annual requirement is waived if you fly more than 24 hours in year and 3 hours in the last three months. If you are on the list for WFC and have met the waiver requirements, let the Records Officer know.

About Basic Med

  • Handling Basic Med at Club
    • You can choose whether you want to fly with FAA medical or Basic MED
    • If you choose Basic MED, please send the physician sign off and certificate of the course to the records officer.

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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