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General Post-Flight Activities

This is reminder that as a courtesy to other members, the following tasks must be completed after each flight:

  • Try to park into the wind if possible.
  • Close windows.
  • Move seats full aft.
  • Replace control wheel locks.
  • Tie down the aircraft properly and install a gust lock;
  • Remove all trash from the plane, even if it was there when you got started.
    • If someone else has left something in the plane, as a courtesy please remove item(s), place them in the lockbox, and email the club explaining what was left and in which plane.
  • Put cowl plugs in. (See video below)
  • Put airspeed cover on.
  • Make sure tow bar is propertly secured in its holder.
  • Re-check to ensure door(s) / windows are properly closed and securted such that they won’t blow open in wind and potentially incur aircraft damage.
  • If aircraft is so equipped and appropriate, install airplane cover. (It may not be appropriate to install cover if high winds or other issues could result in worse damage to aircraft, (or safety issues), in trying to secure the cover.)
  • Fueling: At present, (summer, 2020), we have an acceptably reasonable pricing relationship with Ross West. While they will automaticaly re-fuel with some frequencey, (which may change from time to time), you can call them for fuel. Members should still consider less expensive fueling options if practical. This may be a bit in flux. As of late Spring, 2020, the Club had negotiated acceptable re-fill rates for Tuesday top offs. So the aircraft may be automatically topped off on Tuesdays. This is subject to change and this website may not be immediatlely updated, so as always, pilots must visually confirm fuel for their flight. As well, if better pricing can be had elsewhere, consider off field re-fueling and continuing to support those with whom we have credit cards on file and who have provided us with less expensive services in the past.
  • When at HPN, be sure to replace – and lock – the tail lock. (See video below)

If anything is missing, (for example, cowl plugs or airspeed cover), please let the maintenance coordinator for the aircraft know about it.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Westchester Flying Club Video Library

You can see all of our videos on The Westchester Flying Club YouTube Channel.

Aircraft Covers


Not every aircraft has a cover. However, properly fitted covers protect both the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Poorly fitted, applied, or dirty covers can damage antennae, scratch paint and windows and possibly do other damage. If the aircraft you’re tying down has a cover, here is the procedure:

  • Fold the cover up with straps inside the folds while it’s still covering the aircraft
  • Don’t put the cover on the ground
  • Don’t adjust the straps (it’s already fitted, if it’s not fitting you’re doing it wrong)
  • Don’t wad the cover up into a ball
If there’s any reason applying the cover create a safety issue or would potentially be more damaging to apply, then – ideally obviously – don’t apply the cover for the time being! For example, in high winds it may be challenging to position the cover when your by yourself. The risk of it blowing away and potentially damaging something may be small, but if winds are high, consider this. More likely, however, is if it’s very windy, you may have a challenge with managing the buckles such that they don’t smash agains the aircraft and damage paint, even if you’re being careful with a good procedure. As with all things aviation, use good judgement.

Securing the Aircraft Tail with Lock

Securing the Cowl Plugs

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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