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Aircraft Issues / Squawks

Report squawks using the Scheduling System forms and via phone.

  • If there is a maintainance issue with an aircraft, Call the Maintenance Coordinator for the Aircraft. This is required!
    • Maintenance Coordinator Phone Numbers are in the notebooks in the planes. If the Coordinator for that aircraft is unavailable, escalate through Maintenance Head or other Club Admin.
  • Log in to Schedulemaster.
  • Select Resource Info > Maintenance > Squawks
  • Select Aircraft.
  • Select Enter New Squawk link towards top of list.
  • Be as specific as possible: What is the issue, what related aircraft or avionics configurations were set, what were you doing, what – if anything – did you do to solve the issue? Where is the aircraft and in what condition? Note if the squawk is minor and advisory in nature or a clearly grounded aircraft event. (E.g., minor static on Com2 is advisory. Anything clearly impacting safety should be cause to selected Grounding.)
  • If problem is serious and safety related, post a note in the plane as well, and as a courtesy, phone the next pilot with a reservation.
  • For any airworthiness or disabled aircraft issue you must speak with a maintenance coordinator or an exec committee member.

General Operating Guidelines

Please practice appropriate etiquette and courtesy towards your aircraft and fellow club members. As a Club Member, you are are a part owner in these aircraft. They should be treated as if your personal safety and comfort depends on how you and other club members behave. Because they do.

  • One person on the wing at a time. 
  • At other airports, if possible, park aircraft into the wind to prevent wind damage to doors. In any case, be aware of stronger winds when opening doors or windows and keep a strong hand on any handholds to avoid damage.
  • When boarding or deplaning, please move pilot and co-pilot seats aft to prevent damage. DO NOT use doors, liners, seat backs, or weather stripping for support during boarding or deplaning. Instruct all passengers on safe boarding and deplaning procedures that will keep our aircraft looking smart.
  • Remember to log your time using the online app. If there is a connection problem or the app is otherwise unavailable, use the old style tach sheets in the notebook.
  • Remember to submit any fuel or other aircraft cost related receipts via the club web app. For any expense other than fuel receipts, contact the Treasurer or appropriate Executive Committee person for permission first.
  • If for any reason you become stuck somewhere or need to leave an aircraft, (safety issue, bad/IFR weather, etc.), let the Maintenance Coordinator or Exec Committee Member know so the scheduling system can be updated. (Or so that IFR rated pilots can have a chance to retrieve the plane more quickly if desired.)

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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