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Online Receipt Submission

For fuel receipts, (and tach time submission), we have a convenient way to send your off-field fuel receipts to us to get a statement credit.  On the whole, feedback has been positive for our custom app, (vs manually scanning and sending to treasurer), and is speeding up the process for crediting members for their fuel purchases, both for the member and for the treasurer.  We hope this will encourage you to continue to buy fuel off-field, keeping our flying costs reasonable lower off-field fuel purchases makes a HUGE difference in our flying costs).  You should consider using this program as soon as you get your receipt.

The following instructions will ideally be clear enough to help walk you through the steps the first time. There is a video walkthrough available in the private Resources section within Schedulemaster, which will require your login.

  • Bookmark the following address in your smartphone:
  • Click on the “Upload” button under “Upload a Receipt”                                
  • Log in using the same id/password credentials you use in ScheduleMaster.  You can click “Remember me on this Device”, if you will be using this smartphone going forward, and you won’t be prompted to log in again (you can always log out by clicking “Not Me” in the menu).
  • Press Continue. (members with the same last name will be prompted for their full name…  pick the right one for the proper credit!)
  • Select the Aircraft you refueled, date, $ amount,  Gallons, and the airport you refueled at.
  • Click on the “Browse” or “Choose File” button.  It may be named differently on your phone, but is the next button under the Airport ID field.
  • Choose “Take a Photo” (or similar), to take a picture of your receipt.  Make sure it is clear.  Select “Use Photo” (or similar).
  • Click the Submit button.  Confirm the info that you entered in the dialog, and click Submit.
  • Once validated, this information will be transferred directly into the accounting system and you will be credited the next billing period.  Everyone is happy!

At some point, we will add the showing of the receipts that you have uploaded already, and their status.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact  Since we are not in the position to do an exhaustive test on all smarthones, you may have to show some patience, until we can react to your feedback.

Thanks for your help and feedback.

The WFC Executive Committee

Fuel Payment Reimbursement

Based on 10/9/2019 Email from Club President:

The following is the WFC Fuel Reimbursement Policy as Discussed and Adopted

WFC fuel pricing will be pegged to the Northeast average 100LL price. (As of this initial posting on Oct. 10, 2019, this is $5.51/ US gal., and will of course change over time.) Reimbursement for fuel receipts will now be made at the current NE average 100LL price per gal.

How it works:

  • If the price per gallon on your receipt exceeds the NE avg, your account will be credited at the NE avg price per gallon.
  • If the price per gallon on your receipt is less than the NE avg,  your account will be credited at the NE avg price per gallon.

Members are expected to return aircraft to the field with at least one wing tank filled to the tab. This can be accomplished by either stopping and refueling prior to one’s return or by filling one tank to the tab after landing.

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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