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Details - Arrow 787BG

General Info

This plane is new to the club, (as of October 2019), and some preliminary information is provided based on a 10/4/2019 email to the club.

Similarities with N190FT

  • Same Piper Make and Model — PA28R-201
  • Same Wing with the 36 Gallon per side Fuel Capacity
  • Same Max gross
  • Same Engine & Fuel burn rate
  • Same CNX80/Garmin 480 NavCom
  • Same PTT and Com1 swap switch

Differences from N190FT

  • New Piper Metal Instrument Panel
  • New Style Piper Yokes
  • No Heading Bug
  • Mechanical AI and DG only
  • Standby Electric Vacuum Pump
    • Near the throttle, this switch can be inadvertently pushed
  • Mixture lever stop – needs to be depressed for full aft movement
  • Emergency Gear Lever Must Be Checked UPMaster switch and alternator switch are two separate switches unlike existing arrows which have a split switch.  Be sure to turn on alternator.  before flight
  • There is no automatic spring return to the UP Position
  • Post Lights and repositioned dimmers for instrument lighting
  • Illuminated panel switches
    • Full size   Master and Alt switches that are Not Red

IFR flight is not recommended in Arrow N787BG

Operational Notes:


Always double check tach book for oil informaiton: 7BG currently uses Elite oil

Airframe & Systems

  • Door Design
    • The door design is different than other Arrows, so it may not be possible to put a door stop on it like the other arrows.  Be aware of this; be careful not to open the door into the wind.
  • Master Switch/Alternator Switch
    • Master switch and alternator switch are two separate switches unlike existing arrows which have a split switch.  Be sure to turn on alternator.
  • Emergency Gear Extension
    • Emergency gear extension is different than the other arrows.  Be aware of this.  Gear extension lever stays in whatever position you select (unlike the other arrows which spring back to the up position).


  • Aspen Evolution Primary Flight Dsiplay (PFD)
    • The switch to turn on the Aspen is on the circuit breaker panel. It’s in the leftmost breaker hole of the top row and labeled ASPEN. When you check the breakers on your preflight you should notice it.

Weight & Balance

For now, we. have this handy hand-written doc! Ideally we’ll upgrade to a more useful digital form soon:

787BG A&P Signed/Approved W&B

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