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Details - Bonanza 275BM


Dynon Skyview HDX

Detailed information about the system itself may be found in the avionics section of this website.

Specific aspects of our installation are still coming to light and being modified as of this writing in mid-August, 2020. Detailed instructions are being drafted, but in the meantime pilots are encourged to not only read all manuals, but work with those familiar with the system on the ground and with airwork until comfortable flying with it solo. Here are some basics though:

  • In no case should you go into or change the core Settings of the unit. These are being customized for the aircraft’s special installation and should not be touched by pilots. There’s no obvious button pressing that can get you there. Should you somehow end up in something that looks unfamilair or “settings-ike” there should be an “Exit” button and you should select this to leave such a screen should it present itself. Please note “Settings” in this context does not mean your personal preferences for the screen/display layouts. It means the basic system functional settings.

Important Tips

  • Deactivate the Yaw Damper for takeoff and landing. On the ground if taxiing and you feel the rudder pedals ‘fight you a bit’ or just ‘feel funny’ that might mean the yaw damper is engaged.
  • There are often multiple ways to do the same thing. Remember that the navigation info on the screen is being driven by the source that you’ve selected, and that source itself may have multiple inputs. For example, you may have selected the CNX-80 as a source for navigation info. That’s great. Just also be aware that you could have the CNX-80 in CDI mode so you’re getting nav info from the nav radio, not the GPS. Make sure to be very clear what’s driving the pretty colored arrows.

Airframe & Systems

  • Leaning
    • There is no more altitude compensating fuel pump, so we need to use MVP-50 for leaning. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please seek out a club instructor.

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