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Details - Arrow 190FT

Aircraft Basics

Tire Inflation:
Nosewheel: 27 psi
Mains: 30 psi


  • The overhead fan only functions at the low setting. It appears as if something about the high setting causes electrical interference with the Aspen, so the high setting has been intentionally disabled. While this may be a solvable problem, the challenge to do so – for now – seems to be more costly than the value. At some point if the aircraft is in avionics shop for significant work, this may be re-visited. However, for the foreseeable future, this will be a deferred item. (Sept. 2020.)
  • The door should be closed gently and latched; not slammed. The door was slightly out of aligntment and was fixed in summer of 2020. It works perfectly, however if handled roughly, it could conceivably create new problems. Pilots who are familiar with the old door may have tried to slam the door; but this is no longer necessary at all. Simply close gently and latch.

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