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Bills are always emailed soon after the 1st of each month.

The bill becomes due and payable within 20 days of billing – the due date appears on each bill. You are prohibited from flying Club aircraft unless your payment has been received by that date. If you do fly while grounded for non-payment then you can expect potential fines and disciplinary action, including being expelled from the Club. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bill is paid on time – even if you think you haven’t received it. In that event, you can contact the treasurer for your balance and a copy – or you can simply send an estimated payment. You can also send an estimated payment if you expect to be away from home.

Your bill will include multiple means by which you can pay, including several convenient digital payment methods.

If your payment hasn’t been received by the next billing cycle, a Late Charge will be applied. Dues are billed in advance so, when you receive your bill, the item marked “Monthly Dues” is for the month just beginning. Flying time is billed for the preceding month. Aircraft tach times are read around the end of the month. If you flew close to the end of the month, your flying time might not appear for another month. This also happens when an aircraft is absent when tach times are read. You are responsible for tach time from the engine start to shutdown – even if you subsequently cancel the flight for any reason.

The Club bills all tach time – no gaps. If you observe that the tach at the beginning of your flight does not agree with the previous member’s entry, then it’s in your interest to investigate the reason – you may well be billed for the gap. If you purchase aviation fuel or oil at another airport, you should deduct the total amount from your bill, and include the original receipt(s) with your payment. (That is, log the receipt using the web app if at all possible.) Otherwise, on each receipt, circle the Date, Aircraft, Vendor name, fuel and oil items being deducted, and Amount – and ensure they are legible. If a Club aircraft engineer asks you to fly an aircraft for maintenance purposes, clarify with the engineer who is expected to pay for the flight – you or the Club. If the Club is to pay for the flight then note this on the tach sheet, together with your Name, a detailed Reason for the flight, and (any) aircraft you were chasing.

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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