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As of this update, (Spring, 2022), our aircraft are based at Westchester County Airport (KHPN). While we did temporarily base some aircraft in Danbury, at this time, no aircraft are based there; all are back at KHPN. While we strive to maintain consistency of placement for all aircraft, on occasion the location may change due to maintenance or other re-positioning needs. For this reason, we encourage all members to double-check the Schedulemaster scheduling system prior to leaving for the airport to confirm their scheduled aircraft is in the intended location


Aircraft located at White Plains…

Our aircraft are located at dedicated tie downs, (labeled with signs on the fence), on the west side of the Atlantic West ramp. Specific GPS coordinates to the parking area next to that ramp are: 41.064277, -73.716398

You will need your access card and code to gain access through the security gates at this location.

Alternatively, you may park in the Atlantic West FBO parking lot across the ramp and access the ramp from that security gate or from the sliding door inside the FBO. (In any case, you will require your credentials at that time.) The GPS address for Atlantic West should be indicated on the embedded Google Map below:

Atlantic Aviation (West)
67 Tower Road, Hangar T
White Plains (West), New York, 10604

Please note the following for the tie down areas…

  • The aircraft should be located in their placarded assigned spaces, but might not be. Please try to put the plane back into its assigned space. In any case, make sure it’s in a WFC assigned space.
  • Make sure to back in straight enough and deeply enough to be able to easily attach chains/locks if required. (This requirement may change over time. See Club Meeting Minutes for any details in this regard.)
  • Lockboxes
    • Some basic maintenance supplies are in the lockboxes. (Some rags, extra oil, etc.) If you use things or items are getting low, please let a maintenance coordinator know.
    • It is common courtesy to place lost & found items in the lockbox on a top shelf. E.g., you find someone left a headset in an aircraft, part of their GoPro, keys, whatever. You can either email the last pilot, (probably best to do that first), or the whole club mailing list to let folks know you found something and put it in the box. The last pilot is most likely the best option here. Unless it’s something where it’s unclear if it was likely to have been the last pilot’s item.
  • In cold months, you should see multiple extension  cords by the fence outlets for use with our engine pre-heaters. Be sure to be courteous and re-coil / replace cords when you’re done. Note that in wet weather, the area / ditch by the cords may be wet and muddy.


As of Winter/Spring, 2022, all aircraft are now based at KHPN. For the time being, the info regarding KDXR will be left up in case this changes back for some reason.

For Aircraft located at Danbury Municipal Airport…

As of June, 2021, our aircraft are parked at Business Aircraft Center (BAC). However, we will likely be moving them to Wright Aviation Maintainance/Danbury Aviation. This is somewhat in flux, however, assume BAC until/unless notified via email that we have completed the move.

Use this address for your GPS for BAC:
81 Kenosia Ave
Danbury, CT 06810

Regardless of where we are on the field, BAC is our fuel supplier at DXR. BAC phone is: (203) 748-7000.

For Wright Aviation/Danbury Aviation…

See the map for details, but you can use the same GPS address as BAC. The difference is that when you’re on Kenosia Ave. and get to where you can see the airport buildings, Wright Aviation will be to your left, inside of the security gate. (From the infield/airport side, the ramp is off of taxiway D2.)

You can gain access to either ramp via Business Aircraft Center (BAC). However, for the Wright ramp, you can also access directly from the gate by Wright. (You will need the gate code which will be provided privately to members.) You should also have your TSA credentials displayed according the same rules as HPN.


  • Regarding our BAC Location at DXR…As of JUne, 2021, while we have the aircraft at Business Aircraft Center. Specific GPS coordinates to the parking area next to that ramp are: 41.372812, -73.486243 You will need your id card to gain access through this location.
  • Fuel: You can request fuel from BAC. They have our billing info on file for our specific N numbers/aircraft.
  • Bathroom/Facilities: Any comfort facilities, (bathroom, water fountain, pilot lounge), are at BAC.
  • Wright/Danbury Aviation, (which is the ramp we’ll be on), may have the aircraft moving locations a bit until we solidify standard spots.
  • Wright Aviation Maintainance is one of the several local shops we use for maintenance. However, please do contact a maintenance coordinator prior to asking for any work.
  • Note that there is a Newfoundland dog that will often be at the shop. His name is Timber. He’s super friendly. But if you’ve never met a Newfie before, just be aware they are rather large dogs and can seem intimidating. He’s an airport dog and knows where not to stand; but just take an extra look before you hop in and startup.

Our Current Location… until you hear otherwise via Club Email or this site gets updated, you should find the aircraft at the BAC tiedown area.

WFC KDXR Tiedown Spots

At some point, we anticipate moving to the Wright/Danbury Aviation Maintainance ramp area. Specific locations are still to be determined, but the current most likely spot is indicated below. Of course, when we do this, there should be a club communication and this website will be updated. If for any reason it’s not, contact ScottG, BillD or PaulL.

WFC Tiedowns at DXR D2

The Westchester Flying Club offers an aircraft ownership experience in a club environment with safe, economical light aircraft options.

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